Now That’s a Lot of Power

July 2, 2024
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In the Season 3 premiere of Neurotech Pub, we explore the latest advancements in neurotechnology, focusing on wireless power transfer, implantable devices, and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). The conversation highlights transformative innovations in treating mental health conditions like major depressive disorder, OCD, and ADHD with less invasive wireless devices, enhancing patient care and acceptance. Personal stories and insights on market expansion and patient-friendly treatments are shared, along with valuable advice for investors on the potential of neurotechnology in improving overall mental health and medical care.

Our guests are:

Show Notes:

00:00 | Welcome to Neurotech Pub

00:46 | Meet the guests

02:43 | Discussing industry competitors

09:55 | Wireless power transfer in medical devices

16:38 | Exploring inductive and magnetoelectric power

27:35 | Ultrasound in real world devices

33:31 | Patient experience and device miniaturization

36:24 | Designing for patient comfort and practicality

38:20 | Innovations in power and data transmission

39:32 | Miniaturization and its impact

41:22 | Battery technology in medical devices

43:19 | Future of implantable batteries

45:10 | Implanted Battery Companies Integer and Resonetics

46:31 | Intermittent stimulation and therapy

49:28 | Power consumption in future implants

59:57 | Data transmission and compression

01:04:56 | Reflections on the journey of medical innovation

01:08:36 | Final thoughts and messages to investors

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