Meet Paradromics.

Our mission and the people making it happen

We're building a direct data interface with the brain that will ultimately enable people and improve lives.

Our mission

Paradromics is enabling a future where direct data interfaces with the brain unlock technology solutions to unmet medical challenges. A revolutionary leap beyond today’s lab-confined brain-computer interfaces (BCI), our Connexus® Direct Data Interface (DDI) collects an unprecedented number of individual neural signals with a fully-implantable device designed for long-term daily service.

Our first clinical application is an assistive communication device for patients who’ve lost the physical ability to speak or type. The Connexus DDI platform—and the vast brain data it accesses–has boundless potential for future applications, from enabling people with sensory and motor impairment to treating neuropsychiatric disorders.

We’re Paradromics

Where neurotech meets med device.

Paradromics is combining advanced neuroscience research, specialized microelectronic engineering, and solid medical device and manufacturing experience to build the first high data-rate platform for long-term medical use. Since our founding in 2015, Paradromics has raised $47M in venture funding plus $18.M in public funding (NIH and DARPA). We’re located the growing neurotech hub of Austin, Texas.

Company Fact Sheet

Our Team

We're proud of the top talent from multiple disciplines and diverse backgrounds that we've assembled.

From our neuroscientists, microelectronic engineers, materials scientists, medical device engineers, and machine learning programmers to our regulatory, quality, and marketing teams, we’re excited to work together on a cutting-edge medical technology that will enable people and improve lives.

Board of Directors

Matt Angle, PhD

Founder and CEO

Postdoc, Materials Science, Stanford University

PhD, Neuroscience, University of Heidelberg

James Burrows

Chief Operating Officer

25+ years experience in global medical device industry

MBA, International Marketing, Texas State University

Amy Kruse, PhD


Former CTO, Cubic Global Defense, CSO, Optios, and Program Manager at DARPA

PhD, Neuroscience, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Adam Kablanian


CEO at Cynora and Founder of Virage Logic

Serial global entrepreneur and disruptive technology veteran

Our Leadership

Matt Angle, PhD

Founder and CEO

James Burrows

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Marino

VP of Finance

Noah Bartsch

VP of Clinical, Quality & Regulatory

Kelly Many

HR Business Partner

Michael Landry

Director of Engineering - Hardware

Kurtis Nishimura, PhD

Director of Engineering - Electrical

Kunal Sahasrabuddhe, PhD

Applied Scientist/Director of Systems Integration

Jennifer Parks

Director of Marketing

Ken Walker

Director of Clinical Operations

Shaoyu Qiao, PhD

Neural Engineering Lead

Kimiko Nakajima

Senior Product Development Engineer

Christopher LaReau

Principal Engineer

Bryan Kerr

Senior Product Development Engineer

Sipho Muze

Senior Electrical Technician

Babette Riedmueller

Administrative Assistant

Gene Kang

Machine Learning Engineer

Jacqueline Williams

Accounting Specialist

Harbaljit Sohal

Principal Scientist

Alec Mehra

Electrical Engineer

Ken Chiang

Senior Electrical Engineer

Catherine Parish

Project Coordinator

Violet Diaz

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Dongxiao Yan

Senior Research Scientist

Michael Trumpis

Senior Computational Neuroscientist

Roman Alyas

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Maria Lopez

Product Development Engineer

Aleksandar Tadic

Senior Product Development Engineer

Mary Lou Wilcox

Office Manager

Saul Jaime

Senior Neuroscientist - Invivo Lead

Jacob Stegman

Senior Product Development Engineer

Pete Montes

Facilities and Equipment Manager

Aamir Ahmed Khan

Principal Electrical Engineer

Daniel Becker

Senior Project Manager

Brian Downing

Principal Software Engineer

Jerry McCray

Senior Technician

Ali Stuckey

Design and Media Specialist

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