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Join our diverse team of scientists, engineers, technicians, thinkers, tinkerers, and problem-solvers.

Our team is building a high data-rate BCI platform that will enable people and improve lives.

We’re Paradromics

Where neurotech meets med device.

Paradromics is located in the growing neurotechnology hub of Austin, Texas, which has an established medical device and technology community. We offer a competitive compensation package with 401k matching, flexible PTO, and a welcoming working environment. Plus, our team is unparalleled in the industry.

Our Impact

We’re working toward a future where we can unlock technology solutions to some of our biggest medical challenges–currently impacting millions of people–from helping people who are paralyzed regain autonomy through movement and communication to restoring sensation to people with sensory deficits to, perhaps one day, detecting and treating mental illness.

Our Team

From our neuroscientists, micro-electrical engineers, materials scientists, medical device engineers, and machine learning programmers to our regulatory, quality, and marketing teams, we’re excited to work together on a cutting-edge medical technology that will enable people and improve lives.

How We Work

As a growing start-up, our company culture is a work in progress, but we have learned that a balance of certain core principles has bolstered our success thus far. As we continue to grow—and inevitably change—we aim to continue to work hard, work together, and have some fun along the way.

We come from many backgrounds.
We have one mission.
Having diverse voices at the table contributes to our success; we’re all here to help enable people and improve lives.
We do meaningful, intense work.
We have an egalitarian, casual workplace.
People do their best work when they feel comfortable and aren’t worried about formality or fitting in.
“I don’t know” is an acceptable answer.
“That’s not my job” will raise eyebrows.
We’re willing to learn and to reach across disciplines and job titles to do what needs to be done.
All ideas can be challenged.
All colleagues are heard.
We believe innovation blossoms in an environment of respectful debate, collaboration, and listening.
We value the contributions of everyone.
We expect full effort from every contributor.
Our challenging work is much easier when surrounded by colleagues who value our efforts and whose efforts we value.
We take our work seriously.
Ourselves, not so much.


We're proud to offer a generous benefits package, beyond what's offered at a typical start-up.

Company-Paid Insurance
Unlimited PTO
401k Matching
Parental Leave
Employee Assistance Program
Flexible Work Options

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