Neuro Mapping & Napping

August 26, 2022
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Welcome back to Neurotech Pub! In this episode we’re talking about sleep–why we sleep, how sleep works on a neurophysiological level, and some of the emerging sleep technologies that are about to revolutionize this essential neural activity.  

Our guests are Amy Kruse, PhD, General Partner at Prime Movers Lab, Ram Gurumoorthy, PhD, Founder and CTO of Stimscience & Somnee, and Luis de Lecea, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine.

This episode also features a video introduction to sleep stages by Paradromics Intern Zoe Lalji. This is essential viewing if you’re unfamiliar with the stages of sleep and want to follow along later in the episode.

00:00 | Episode intro with Matt Angle and Amy Kruse

1:07 | StimScience in Fast Company

5:05 | Learned Motor Patterns Are Replayed in Human Motor Cortex during Sleep

6:43 | Connect with Prime Movers Lab

7:01 | PML on Medium

7:45 | Introduction to Sleep Stages


Check out Zoe’s nonprofit organization, ALS Heroes, and her Ted Talk.

12:24 | Pulling all-nighters

12:50 | Amy Kruse, PhD

13:00 | Ram Gurumoorthy, PhD

13:07 | Stimscience, now Somnee

13:30 | Luis de Lecea, PhD

18:26 | Gordon Rule, PhD

18:40 | Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (2004)

19:50 | Why do we sleep?

20:26 | Sleep drives metabolite clearance from the adult brain

20:35 | Sleep & DNA Repair

22:13 | Neural Activity can cause DNA damage

23:22 | Jerry Seigal

24:26 | DARPA Sleep Research

24:55 | Fur seals and sleep

25:08 | How do Whales and Dolphins Sleep Without Drowning?

25:54 | Putting Humans in Stasis Is the Best Way of Getting Us to Mars

27:36 | Sleep and Mortality

28:09 | The Sleeping Brain: Harnessing the Power of the Glymphatic System through Lifestyle Choices

28:27 | Giulio Tononi, MD, PhD

28:45 | Sleep, Memory, and Plasticity

28:52 | Sleep Cognition and Memory

29:00 | Sleeping up and down the phylogenetic tree

29:05 | Actually...worms do sleep

29:20 | Decoding sleep

29:36 | Fruit flies and their mini sleeps

29:44 | Mapping sleep in the brain

30:35 | Hypocretin-positive neurons

31:17 | Clearly Matt slept through his midterm... again

31:57 | The hypocretins/orexins: integrators of multiple physiological functions

32:05 | Stress-sleep interactions

33:30 | The Science of Narcolepsy

35:08 | Equivalence of sleep deprivation and intoxication | Additional reference

36:21 | Sleep Pressure: Homeostatic Sleep Drive

40:38 | EEG Visualization of electrodermal activity during sleep

44:08 | Circuitry of Sleep Stages

45:00 | Regional slow waves and spindles in human sleep | Local sleep in awake rats

48:00 | Emerging Sleep Technologies

1:00:56 | Hypothalamus and Sleep

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