Neurotech Pub Episode 7 – Neurotechnology Startups and the E Word

Neurotechnology Startups and the E Word

In this episode, podcast host and Paradromics CEO, Matt Angle brings together Karen Rommelfanger (Neurotech Ethicist, Strategist, and Associate Professor at Emory), Anna Wexler (Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at UPenn), Ana Maiques (CEO of Neuroelectrics), and Stephanie Naufel Thacker (Technical Program Manager at Facebook Reality Labs). We talk about the role of ethicists in tech. Stephanie announces a new collaboration between Facebook and the Columbia NeuroRights program. We discuss data privacy, and I am mostly listening except for two excursions on 409A valuations and Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

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Guests:  Anna Wexler, Karen Rommelfanger, Stephanie Naufel Thacker, and Ana Maiques

1:01:18 | Eroding Privilege of Mind-Body Duality
1:09:52 | Electronic Frontier Foundation on EULAs
1:11:05 | Psyberguide
1:13:20 | Eugenia Kuyda’s App
1:13:53 | Coping with loss using VR

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