Neurotech Pub Episode 6 – Cyborgs That Smell

Cyborgs That Smell

In this episode, Neurotech Pub host and Paradromics CEO Matt Angle discusses the science of olfaction and commercial implications with Andreas Schaefer, Gabe Lavella, and Dima Rinberg. Gabe and Dima also unveil their new startup, Canaery, which uses BCI-enhanced animals to digitize the olfactory world.

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Guests: Andreas Schaefer, Gabriel Lavella, and Dima Rinberg

00:10 | Guest Introductions

09:21 | What You Don’t Know About Olfaction That You Should
14:40 | Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center

31:24 | Natural and Artificial Olfaction
32:08 | Ion-Mobility Spectrometry for Olfactory Detection
37:53 | Manipulation of Odor Circuits

// Director & Host: Matt Angle
// Producer: Lili Byrne and Ali Stuckey
// Editor: Jasper Sams
// Graphic Design: Midnight Measure Design