Neurotech Pub Episode 5 – A Lawyer, a Philosopher, and Two Neurologists Walk Into a Bar…

Guests: Amanda Pustilnik, Tim Brown, Leigh Hochberg, and Sydney Cash

A Lawyer, a Philosopher, and Two Neurologists Walk Into a Bar…

In this episode we discuss ethical considerations around brain-computer interfaces. Our guests are Tim Brown, Leigh Hochberg, Sydney Cash, and Amanda Pustilnik. A central theme in the discussions will be how neuroethics differs from traditional medical ethics and bioethics, and what we can draw from other fields and experiences to prepare for a world where BCI is more prevalent and more powerful.

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00:15 | Guest Introductions

16:57 | Device vs Pharmacological Brain Therapies
24:10 | DBS for Essential Tremor

21:01 | When Patients and Clinicians Don’t See Eye-to-Eye
21:19 | Vanessa Tolosa and Mavato Engineering
33:38 | Lane v. Candura
36:18 | Kendra’s Law

1:22:20 | Should BCI Eradicate Disability

1:35:36 | Balancing Near-Term Utility and Long-Term Harms

Neurotech Pub is a podcast from Paradromics Inc, that features heavy-hitters from academica and industry in the field of Neurotech. But unlike a traditional panel, we bring you conversations that would normally happen after the conference, while unwinding at the pub. We hope you have enjoyed this discussion, for more please checkout our other episodes.

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