Neurotech Pub Episode 4: Trading Spaces: Dimensionality Reduction for Neural Recordings

Trading Spaces: Dimensionality Reduction for Neural Recordings

In this episode, friend of the podcast Vikash Gilja reprises his role as Vikash Gilja. We are also joined by Konrad Kording, Chethan Pandarinath, and Carsen Stringer. We talk about how dimensionality reduction is used to better understand large scale neural recordings. This episode is fairly technical, but it contains many great references if you are interested in learning more. We open with a brief explainer video by Paradromics’ own Aditya Singh.

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00:40 | Dimensionality Intro

04:42 | Podcast Start

10:10 | Shenoy Lab

15:00 | Immunology

15:20 | Jonathan Ruben

15:30 | Byron Yu

57:40 | LFADS

01:06:46 | Task Specificity

01:07:28 | Lee Miller

01:19:01 | Hume on Causation

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// Producer: Ali Stuckey

// Editor: Jasper Sams

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// Special Thanks: Aditya Singh