Neurotech Pub Episode 3 – Connectors, Cans, and Coatings

Connectors, Cans, and Coatings

Paradromics CEO Matt Angle speaks with Stuart Cogan, Vanessa Tolosa, Thomas Stieglitz, and Loren Rieth about how to protect neural implants from the harsh environment of the body. This discussion is all about longevity and endurance, and, fittingly, it’s almost 2 hours long. Loren leaves early for a faculty meeting–wonder if his colleagues know that he came straight from the pub?

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If you’d like to check out the annotations, click the embedded links in the video or you can find them in the show notes below.

03:39 | EIC Labs

08:29 | Phil Troyk

42:56 | Thin film

44:15 | Clean rooms

46:50 | NeuroRoots

49:17| Implant size

52:40 | NeuroNexus

01:02:55 | Hydrolysis

01:36:14 | Second Sight

// Director & Host: Matt Angle

// Producer: Ali Stuckey

// Editor: Jasper Sams

// Special Thanks: Harbaljit ‘Harbi’ Sohal